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How to ride with Spinners and Grinders Cycle Club and Membership Information


Finding a club that is right for you can be hard. SGCC is a friendly, social club, and we welcome riders of all abilities.


Our club is for those cyclists who want an inclusive club and to get out and ride with likeminded people, with a passion for all things cycling. We encourage prospective members to come along, get a feel for the club and ask any questions before deciding if they would like to join. 

Membership for SGCC is £20, paid annually from the joining date, meaning that whatever month you join, you will always have a full year for your joining fee.  

We have a clear process to support riders interested in joining and to ensure the reputation and integrity of the cycling club through our membership process: 



If you are interested in joining SGCC, contact us though the website, our Facebook page or Instagram and let us know.  A member of the committee will contact you and discuss the club.  We are happy to meet with you before a ride if this would help, after all, it can be nerve wracking attending on the first ride, but as a minimum a committee member will meet with you at the meeting spot on your first ride and act as a buddy throughout, to ensure you are welcomed and supported. 

Those interested in joining SGCC can attend three rides prior to becoming a member. These rides enable both the individual and the committee to assess whether SGCC is the right club for you.


What should I bring on a club ride?

  • A road worthy bike

  • A helmet

  • Two spare inner tubes and tyre leavers 

  • Appropriate lights for the conditions

  • Food and drinks to keep you going. Always bring too much rather than too little. Flapjack, fruit loaf, Haribo, wine gums, fig rolls or cereal bars all work well

  • Wet weather clothing if required

  • Money for a café stop

  • Most importantly your sense of humour, we love riding and having a good time. 



Step Two: Expressing an Interest in Joining

At any point in the three rides you can express an interest in joining SGCC. Please note, no cyclists will be able to ride with the club more than three times, without becoming a paid member. If you would like to become a member, please advise the committee member who acted as your buddy on your first ride. They will then advise the other committee members of your expression of interest and the committee will vote on your suitability to joining SGCC within 24 hours of your expression. The committee reserve the right to refuse membership. 

The committee members will consider the following in their decision:

  • Compliance with rules and etiquette, most notably around safety. 

  • Evidence of and ability to support the spirit and ethos of SGCC, including a friendly, sociable attitude.  

  • Being an established, competent rider with a willingness to support others.

  • A commitment to regular riding and work as part of the team. 

  • Demonstrating a love of cycling! 


The committee decision will be made by a majority vote, therefore three votes to two. The committee use the above criteria to assess suitability.  It will be your committee member buddy that will inform you of the outcome of the vote and the reasons for this.  Any prospective members who are refused membership will be given a clear rationale for this by the committee.  



Step Three: Becoming a Member of SGCC

If membership is approved by the committee, the new member will be asked to pay the membership fee prior to attendance on the forth ride, through our British Cycling account.  Membership for SGCC is £20, paid annually from the joining date, meaning that whatever month you join, you will always have a full year for your joining fee.  

Once you are a registered member, you will be sent details of the club kit portal.  

When your renewal is due, you will be sent a renewal reminder email from the committee. 

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