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Spinners and Grinners Cycle Club Ride Rules and Etiquette

At SGCC we want to support and encourage people to ride safely and enjoyably, respecting their fellow riders and all other road users. In addition to any other suggestions below, please always remember the Highway Code. All rules, regulations and laws of the road apply to our riders and must be followed, including stopping at red-lights and riding no more than two-abreast. 


Every rider is responsible for their own safety, ensure your bike is road-worthy and you’re confident riding on the open roads.


To ensure everyone can stay safe and enjoy our rides, we ask that all riders ensure they follow the SGCC Rules and Etiquette when on any of our club rides.  If any member feels that a rider’s conduct is putting others at risk, please report the circumstances to the club committee, who may wish to take further action.


If you are unsure about anything at all, then please speak to a committee member in advance of the rides, or ask your ride leader before the ride sets off.






  • It is essential that your bike is in a safe and roadworthy condition, with for example, working brakes.

  • Helmets must always be worn when riding with SGCC

  • Ensure you have appropriate lighting for changing weather conditions.  

  • Respect ALL other road users including drivers, pedestrians, runners, dog- walkers and horse-riders. 

  • Where appropriate and safe to do so, allow drivers to get past you on narrow roads.

  • Stay alert at all times. Hold your line. Don’t overlap wheels. 

  • Focus on the rider(s) ahead and be cautious of any sudden breaking. 

  • All riders under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Communication is key to a safe group ride. Roads are full of traffic, rocks, signs, pot holes, parked cars, animals, pedestrians, etc. and visibility is limited for the cyclist in a pack. It is important to communicate to the riders in the group of potential hazards by shouting and pointing out hazards. Check out our Hand Signals and Shout Outs page for more details. 

  • There are plenty of horse riders in the forest - special care is needed. Pass as widely as possible. Make sure that both the horse and rider are aware of your presence and if you are approaching from behind call out, good morning or hello. Keep pedalling slowly as you pass to keep noise from your freewheel and gears to a minimum.  Pay attention to any request by the horse rider – they know the temperament of the horse and its likely reaction to a group of brightly clad cyclists.

  • Should there be an incident, please support the ride leader and help where necessary – making a phone call, warning other road users or helping injured riders.



  • Please get to the rides in time to be ready to set off at the start time. 

  • Pick the right ride. Start with a slower group if you are not sure.

  • Respect the ride leader’s decision. They may not ride at the front, but are in charge for the ride and may make changes to the route or plans as deemed appropriate for the group and the conditions. 

  • Ride two abreast when it is safe to do so, this way the group is a more compact unit

  • Keep together in one group unless agreed otherwise at the start of the ride.

  • Do not blast off the front of the group unless you have been given permission by other group members.

  • All riders must stop for a mechanical or puncture in the group. 

  • Always pass the instructions along.

  • If the ride becomes “split” due to a climb or a junction, then the lead rider should slow down to allow the riders to catch up. If you feel inclined or are a strong enough rider, go back down the hill and provide a bit of support for those still riding up.

  • Do not allow other riders in the group to be dropped off the back, make sure the pace is kept at a level that all can cope with.

  • If you are struggling to keep up, then shout up! The group needs to know so the pace can be slowed.

  • Strong riders should show consideration for weaker riders.

  • Do not clear your nasal passages unless the coast is clear behind you!

  • Avoid responding to bad behaviour or abuse from motorists.

  • Be courteous wherever possible and do not damage the clubs reputation.

  • Inform someone in the group if you are turning back early from the ride for any reason.

  • A nominated rider should stay at the back of the group to ensure no one gets dropped on climbs, junctions or descents.



  • Let’s not forget that we do this because we love cycling, so let’s do it with a smile on our faces and enjoy your cycling at all times

  • A cheery ” hello” to a passing groups helps spread the fun to everyone else.

  • Wear your club jersey with pride

  • Let the committee members know if you have any concerns, this is a club for all members, we want to know any issues and ensure everyone enjoys their riding. 

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